Burnout was Nominated for a RONE!

Check out the May Issue

Check out the May Issue

InD’tale is one of my favorite online magazines.  They review mostly romance but also have categories for mystery, suspense, novellas, chick lit, young adult and much more.  It’s a wonderful place for independent authors like me to make myself known to readers.

I was so happy to hear that BURNOUT has been nominated in the mystery category of the RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) Awards!  If you have read Burnout and would like to vote in the poll, please go here and vote!  While you’re there, you can sign up to get InD’tale magazine every month.

It’s Free

It’s Chock Full of Book Reviews, articles and author interviews

It’s interesting for both readers and writers

Check out the current issue in the upper left hand corner of the site and I would love it if you put in a vote for Burnout!

Pecan Bayou Series #5

Pecan Bayou Series #5

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