New Book Review for Overdue For Murder

christmascookiesCome over and visit me today at Self Taught Cook.  It’s that time of year when we all operate on massive to-do lists so here’s one for Tammy’s site.

1.  Read Tammy’s review for Overdue for Murder!  4 Stars!

2.  Check out Tammy’s recipe archive.  I’m on a low carb/low sugar diet right now, so that recipe for peanut butter fudge is calling my name. (Please Santa, bring me brownies)

3.  Enter my giveaway-It’s the last day!! It’s a cupcake giveaway with a gift card to Crumbs Bakery, an Amazon gift card , three free ebooks and computer wallpaper. You can enter now at VBT Cafe.  Scroll down to the Rafflecopter box.

Comments are appreciated!

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