My Book on Amazon

My book is now on Amazon Kindle.    I have been very frustrated trying to get through the formatting errors over at Smashwords.  I think because I wrote the book in Open Office, something, somewhere is just not clicking with it.   Nevertheless, I’m excited for my book to be in the Kindle format!

I am busy working on the second book in this series, and for right now the working title is  Blueberries and Bullets because that’s what it’s about.  It kind of sounds like a kid’s cereal gone wrong, doesn’t it?    This book has many of the characters you got to know in the first book including Betsy, Aunt Maggie, Judd, Danny and Zach.

I am busy researching blueberry recipes for The Happy Hinter.  Anybody have a great one?

To get a copy of A Dash of Murder for Amazon Kindle ———–-Click Here


Comments are appreciated!

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